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Hey website, what are you doing?

Website: I have no idea what I'm f**king doing, I'm a website!

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can you handle the truth?

Ask yourself honestly:

What is your website for?

If you’re not sure, then you probably view your website as:

A: that expensive thing your marketing agency keeps billing you for each month to maintain with endless furniture moving exercises

B: that broken thing that doesn’t work properly because someone in your office once mentioned their nephew “does websites” and now you just ignore the damned thing

C: that bland thing a website-in-a-day company made for you that looks like every other website on the internet and just sits there doing nothing

D: that ugly thing you spent days building yourself using Wix or starter theme and now you’re ready to take it seriously, every agency you talk with tells you to get rid of it and go with option A

but hey, at least you’ve got a website, you’re doing something right…. right?

"Every fucking bootstrap website ever" - By Dagusa

Okay, I’m not telling you to get rid of your website,

I just want it to be different.

What if I told you pretty much EVERYONE at some point or another builds a website the wrong way. Not deliberately or by accident, but through a series of compromises whether it be a skill gap or a business attitude. You are left with something you feel you need to build upon and fix, like tinkering with a car to the point it becomes something out of Wacky Races.

Let’s ignore the skill gap compromise because it’s pretty self-evident. Let’s look at the attitude that got you to the point of this cursed thing you call your website…


There are three elements to a bad website

We know who you are

designers and developers

Typically couldn’t give less of a s**t if they tried about the storytelling. All they really want to do is make the thing look cool and do clever stuff. 


Want to tell a great story, but generally don’t care how it looks as long as it’s reaching people.


Just want a number to call and don’t care where it comes from as long as they can reach their quota by the end of the month. 

Are you talking to me?

And then there is you

If you’re reading this then I’d hazard a guess that you’re a business owner or someone in the organisation with decision-making capabilities. You know your product inside out and yet do you ever annoy yourself with the question “why is my competition doing better than me?”.

Your website can’t tell you something is wrong with your business. And why would it? Computers are literally the single most stupid thing on this planet because they are incapable of feeling anything. Your website cannot say when you’re making a bad decision. Worse still, a bad website will reinforce a bad decision simply because it exists!

As you’re reading this, you’re most likely B2B, and like most SaaP/SaaS/CraP companies you have a “Dynamic service offer across a complex landscape of highly-informed consumers” and any middle manager scrolling through LinkedIn on the bog. A bad website just ain’t going to cut it. Good luck trying to explain all your different service and product offerings without making the user want to flush their phone down with their lunch.

Nobody apart from you can get Designers, Developers, Marketing & Sales to bash their heads together to turn a bad website into a great website.

90% of website are getting it wrong

and most facts on the internet are made up

So who are you to trust!?

Learn About Agile Web Design

This bad decision is going to cost me a lot...

Yes and No

Fail fast, learn faster

Learning from your mistake is not time wasted

Start thinking about your website as another employee. In fact it is your most dependable employee because it turns up for work 24/7, does exactly what you tell it to do, and helps you sell your product. Look at what other companies are spending their money on. Are you really spending enough budget on developing your bestest and most loyal employee? Chances are you ain’t.

But your previous effort isn’t wasted. Like all relationships, what might have been right at the time, might no longer be the best thing for right now and even the future. Don’t look back in anger and don’t settle for the status quo.

Create Content Faster

Remember that great idea that was going to spark your next big marketing move – whatever happened to that?

Learn about Agile Content Creation

Start listening to people

Trust the tech

Once you’ve convinced yourself you need to update your website, have a word with some experts who know what they’re doing. But don’t be surprised if they all tell you something different. There are so many ways to skin the proverbial cat (don’t hurt cats), that it can sometimes be hard to decrypt whatever jargon they are using.

However, what can be demonstrated is whether their solution can save time in maintenance, deployment and sales.

Once built and live, agile web design uses data-driven decision-making to drive the case for ongoing UX improvements, new content sections, micro-sites and deeper, more engaging tech experiences.

Build the right team

outside agencies aren't outside of the business

Discover how our Agile team of experts can provide ongoing marketing support, plans and activities. We’ve worked with some great companies, and we’ve learnt from the bad ones!

Discover Agile Team

Sell to your Customer

Not yourself

Most cases of poor product reception is because the stakeholders are trying to sell the product to themselves.

It helps to take a step back and really have a look at who you are talking to and what you are saying to them.

Like everything in our agile marketing stack, your brand guide is a living resource that adapts and grows as your business, products or services mature. The guide can be delivered in one doc, or as a micro-site so you can incorporate the guide into your existing internal networks or intranet. The approach makes brand guardianship across the enterprise easy.

Agile Branding & Messaging

Create a unified, compelling, consistent, user-tested voice for your business, products or services in weeks, not months.

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What your Website craves

How we would do it

A robust CMS

WordPress all the things

We are WordPress developers. The vast majority of websites on the internet use WordPress. If your website doesn’t use WordPress, then it’s probably not very good, sorry.


with no gubbins

Sick and tired of having unnecessary functions in your theme? Us too. There is nothing we hate more than having to click through a load of things we’re never going to use.

We use our specially created NOW|Framework which comes with the essential tools to get creating your website.

Custom functionality

Never rely on 3rd Party rubbish

Some plugins are great, a few plugins are okay, the vast majority of them are horrible.

We can create the admin functionality to custom-fit your website.


mastering the pipeline

Nurturing leads is our speciality. It all works within a well-maintained and well-organised website. Get your CRM of choice hooked up and working smarter to a better-organised website.

Generate those landing pages with ease with our ULTIMATE LANDING PAGE builder.

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