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Social savvy B2B (1): What B2B tech companies should do on which network and why

In the B2B marketing world, LinkedIn is almost the must-have priority for top-of-the-funnel (education-driven) leads because that’s where businesses connect with other businesses. But, in 2020, is LinkedIn really still king? 

According to Statista’s 2020 report, a whopping 46% of B2B marketers worldwide use Facebook, compared to 33% that now use LinkedIn. Surprised? So were we. 

Most important social media platforms for global B2B and B2C marketers 2020

LinkedIn has developed a reputation for being the best B2B social media platform across the industry, and it makes sense. At NowComms, we have spent years testing, testing, and re-testing advertising campaigns, and found that LinkedIn’s core features and flexible audience builder far surpass what most other networks have on offer. And we’re not alone: LinkedIn still accounts for over half of all B2B social traffic and 80% of all leads generated. 

While Facebook is the network founded on connecting friends and family—an idea recently reinforced by changes made to Facebook’s algorithm that favour friend and family posts over brand content—B2B marketers are still left wondering:

Is Facebook worth advertising on? 

We say: definitely. 

In recent years, Facebook has harnessed its large pool of data to create improved targeting and advertising solutions, allowing B2B marketers to create and target their perfect buyer persona. Moreover, given that many big players are currently pulling Facebook advertising and B2B can often be overlooked on the platform, now may be the best time to maximise ROI and get ahead of the competition. With millions of people online every day, the market is huge: all you have to do is use your inquisitive B2B thinking that unlocked the secrets of LinkedIn to identify users interested in what you offer elsewhere.

We decided to ditch the ambiguity and find out exactly how B2B businesses should be leveraging social giants Facebook and Twitter in order to make them a staple part of business strategy.

Why leverage Facebook and Twitter?

If LinkedIn is our top-of-the-funnel go-to and Google search advertising is our middle-of-the-funnel (explore-driven) lead generator, then Twitter and Facebook, along with Google’s remarketing Display Ads, are going to be useful resources to help influence and nurture quality leads that said top- and middle-of-the-funnel strategies bring in. 

LinkedIn and Google search are the pillars of B2B marketing which will ensure that your business brings in quality leads, who are curious about the business and engage with your content.

But wait, don’t forget reinforcement! Once hooked, it’s important to nurture prospects’ interest by using paid social media and/or Google Display Ads to reinforce existing messages and get them over the threshold, from interest to purchase.

We put our money where our mouth is 

Using our latest ‘one step at a time’ marketing campaign, we’ve launched a series of social experiments on Facebook and Twitter to show you exactly how you should be using these social powerhouses to prepare for the changing future of B2B. 

Stay tuned for our social-savvy B2B series to see how we do.

In the next blog entry, we dive into boosting organic influence on LinkedIn.

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