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The ins and outs of content marketing

The future of finding leads is online. There’s never going to be a better time than right now to learn how you can build solid relationships with prospects from the ground up virtually.

In this guide, you can discover our best methods of getting your brand out into the digital sphere.


Think about it

To us, content marketing is the best method of generating, and nurturing, new leads: not only for the remainder of this lockdown period but in the future as more and more alternatives to trade shows become available.

Why generate leads through content marketing instead of at trade shows/events?

Although everybody’s got used to working remotely during the lockdown, one of the biggest changes that people are still struggling to come to terms with is the absence of trade shows. We’ve been living in an event-free world: nobody wants to pack into a crowded hall right now, so if your marketing funnel doesn't really "do" digital, your sales team isn't getting the help it needs

But that doesn’t mean lead generation is on hold

Content marketing is a fantastic way to capture prospects digitally. We prefer it over winning business at trade shows, and there are good reasons why it may be the same for you.

Events can be hit or miss

When you attend an event, weeks and even months of preparation all lead up to getting that one moment right: that’s a lot of pressure. With digital marketing, instead of hoping to get the perfect event, you can continuously review analytics and refine your campaign (or campaigns!).

We find the most efficient way to run a campaign is to nail it then scale it

Run a few iterations of ad portfolios to a small section of your target audience and see which ads are getting the best engagement and most clicks. Then, separate the qualities of those best-performing ads so you can test them individually: maybe it was the copy that grabbed people’s attention, maybe it was graphic you used, or something else entirely!

Once you’ve got a set of ads nailed and you’re happy with them, it’s time to scale your campaign up: launch it to the full audience and let the leads pour in.

“Legendary on the L&D marketer’s landscape.”

Fiona Tully, Sift Media