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What does that actually mean, and how do we do it?

We’ve all seen the hashtag. Nine times out of ten it’s followed by stuff like #nogoingback, #copingwithcovid,  #postpandemicworld and the like, but the basic sentiment is always the same: This is our time. We’ve made it through the darkest days, and now we’re ready to launch into the new challenges of an increasingly-digital world.

We’ve always deserved better and if there was ever a time to get what we all deserve then this is it. Looking ahead has never been so exciting, but if we honestly want to #buildbackbetter we’re going to need more than a hashtag. So as we work through this summer, we’re thinking a lot about what #buildbackbetter really means for us.

Here’s where we are with that:

We’re a high-impact, low-carbon agency.

We’re nice people, who care about our planet and work in an industry that’s low/carbon by design.

We dream up promotional ideas that work online and our channels are digital. We’ve never encouraged our clients to fork out for carbon costly expos or swanky media junkets because we think we can deliver more impact at less cost digitally.

But to really #buildbackbetter nice people need to do more. Making sure we’re not a net contributor to the carbon problem is no longer enough. We need to actively become part of the solution.

Our Race to Zero commitment is really helping with that. For many companies Race to Zero is mapping out the pragmatic steps required to become net zero carbon emitters by 2050 (at the latest). But for businesses like Now|Comms, which are low-carbon by design, Race to Zero is prompting us to cook up carbon reducing plans and actions that go beyond our own business.

So here’s our #Buildbackbetter pledge

We will support meaningful local projects. We will help our customers and clients identify and meet their own Race to Zero challenges. And we will use our high-impact, low-carbon marketing super powers to promote and communicate the big initiatives and organisations all of us will need if we’re going to stay the course and win this Race to Zero.

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