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Thanks for taking part in our survey

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Thanks a million for taking part in our  survey. If you asked for a copy of this project’s findings then we will send you the report within the next few days. Meanwhile why not check out some of our most popular pages for marketing and sales people working in L&D.

CIPD exhibitor’s marketing support pack: Lead nurturing and marketing automation

Turn a bucket full of existing contacts and new prospects into a hotlist of scored leads using our awesome content and marketing automation combo

#B2B marketing hackdays

What do you think would happen if you corralled all the marketing skills you need in one room, then locked them in for the day? Discover the NowComms B2B marketing #hackday

Responsive design

By the summertime, if your website is not responsive, 1 in 5 of your customers will be looking elsewhere for the products and services you sell. Make my website responsive in 5 days or less

Professional Blogging

The quality blog your customers expect could be nurturing leads on your website now


10 most popular marketing tools & tactics in L&D today

Now Special Reports: World of Learning 2014

Learning Technologies Exit Poll 2014: Was your business in the bag?

Top 100 websites in L&D: is your business listed?

Top 3 marketing weaknesses most eLearning & training companies need to address

“The Now|Comms team are awesome, they have a complete knowledge of the competitive landscape, which makes them unbeatable.”