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Sumit Mattey – the Salesforce and CRM guru

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A computer graduate with over seven years’ experience in sales and corporate sales, Sumit helps Now clients in eHealth, eLearning and digital security whenever they want the CRMs they use to power better sales and marketing programmes.

Why we love ‘im

“It’s not just because Sumit knows all there is to know about Salesforce and CRM. What really sold us was his knowledge of almost every really cool eMail marketing app or marketing automation software that plugs into, or works alongside, Salesforce.”


He is certified by Salesforce in the following areas:

Technical Architect certification

Salesforce Administration

SFDC advance administration

SFDC sales consultant

SFDC service consultant

SFDC advance developer

SFDC technical architect T1

SFDC technical architect T2

Microsoft certified system engineer

“Legendary on the L&D marketer’s landscape.”

Fiona Tully, Sift Media