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Social selling accelerator

B2B sales can be long and cumbersome. Traditional social marketing can take weeks or months to deliver a steady flow of quality leads sales teams can work with. Our social selling accelerator fast tracks the social selling process, delivering new sales leads in days.

Includes: one half day consultancy to help you choose and set up your new social selling platform (for instance, Linkedin Sales Navigator), all the help you need to build your first target prospect audience. Creation and full management of your first outreach campaign to up to 500 new prospects we help you uncover.

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How it works

What is Social Selling Accelerator?

Social Selling Accelerator is a three day marketing & sales package that introduces new social selling skills and delivers new leads into your organisation. It’s part of a portfolio of services we call #BounceBackBetter services. Every marketing service in our #BounceBackBetter portfolio is specifically designed to help people like you work through the big challenges we’re all facing during Covid. 

What should I expect from my first Social Accelerator project?

In a nutshell, you should expect your Social Selling Accelerator project to deliver circa 150 new qualified leads into your sales funnel. We’ll also help you understand the power of LinkedIn and how LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help you nurture the new leads our programme delivers.

We use the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to help build your new target audience of about 500 potential new leads. 

We use social marketing automation to invite everyone in the new target audience to connect with you (or one of your sales team) on LinkedIn. 

We use our experience and know-how to craft connection messages and welcome messages that typically incentivise 20 to 30% of those leads to connect with you.

The ‘Who does what?’ nitty gritty 

We deliver Social Selling Accelerator via three collaborative marketing hacks (a marketing hack is a zoom session that teams up your sales expert(s) with our marketing experts).

Hack 1. The social selling audience hack:

A 90 minute collaborative session where we walk you through LinkedIn Sales Navigator, explain its key features then use our list building and search skills to help you create your new target LinkedIn Sales Navigator audience.

By the end of this session our aim is to have helped you uncover about 500 new potential prospects for your sales accelerator campaign. You’ll also be confident enough to make list refinements or even new lists for the future.

For this session you will need:

  • You must have Sales Navigator (or at least a Sales Navigator trial in place)
  • We will have already hooked our social marketing messaging system to the personal LinkedIn account of the sales / biz person who will front the campaign.

Hack 2. The messenger hack:

A 90 minute collaborative session where we work through the 6 messages in your messenger campaign journey. 

The aim, by the end of this session is to have all 6 messages agreed and green lit.


  • In advance of this session we’ll have drafted and submitted 6 messages to you. You’ll need to have looked through these and have any comments or observations ready in time for the live collaborative session

Hack 3. The success hack:

a 60 minute session at the end of the campaign where we report back to you. We’ll walk you through success factors and cover any weak weak spots which may have hindered success, proposing remedial next steps actions during the session. 

At the end of this session you’ll have a personal next steps plan based on the real experiences encountered during the project.

Anything else I should know?Social Selling Accelerator is part of a trilogy of services we’ve introduced for companies that want to boost social selling success. Read more about our social selling trilogy here.

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