Google Ads Starter Hackpack: Unlocking Growth for SMEs.

The Google Ads Starter (or reboot) Hackpack

Great for: businesses that have dabbled in digital search or display ads and want to up their game

Why isn’t your small business maxing out on Google Ads?

Google Ads (or PPC) should be a key component of any small business’ successful marketing strategy. Why? Marketing with Google Ads offers highly targeted, quick, measurable and affordable ways to drive more leads, customers and ROI. A bonus: you can learn more about your market and you can use PPC as a way to run tests and do keyword research, the results of which you can use in your SEO.

Sounds great! So, what’s holding you back?

The Google Ads set-up can be daunting. How do you compete if you only have a small budget? Will your paid ads bring in the right leads? How do you maximise ROI with limited time and resources? Can you really achieve sustainable growth?

If this resonates with you, the Google Ads Starter Hackpack could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Using our agile marketing methods, we’ll work together to set your business up for success on Google Ads.

We create innovative Google Ads campaigns to help get your business in front of potential customers. We do this by setting up or refreshing your Google Ads account and doing all it takes to build a story behind a campaign and make it live.

Throughout a 30-day period, we will handle everything related to a successful digital marketing campaign, including ads keyword research, ad creation, ad management, ad testing and reiteration.


What‘s included in the pack?

Scoping session – a consultancy session to establish your specific Google Ads need and outcome in line with your marketing strategy. We’ll then help you manage your ad campaigns, including how to:

  • Select the right type of paid ads for your business
  • Set up your Google Ads campaign and ads
  • Determine your budget
  • Choose your bidding strategy
  • Conduct keyword research then set up your ads keywords 
  • Develop your ad copy, call to action and creatives
  • Set up and optimise your landing page for Google search
  • Measure, test and iterate your ads through Google Ads Manager and Google Analytics 

Training hack sessionan end-of-project walk-through so you can self-manage your Google Ads account for your new digital marketing campaigns.

 *Outputs listed are typical examples. Specific outputs based on your needs are agreed at the scoping session.


Who is the Google Ads Starter (or reboot) Hackpack ideal for?

Businesses that have dabbled in digital search and or display ads and want to up their game.


Completionwithin 30 days

Pricefrom £3,750


Let's see how our super agile marketing approach could work for you.

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If only there were 6 stars… Our #hackday was brilliant. Can't wait to do more with them. Great professionals, superb skill sets, great teamwork, loved it!

Martin Knowles,
Bally's Interactive

Highly recommended, fabulous team of professionals who couldn't do enough for us. Great personalised service - they really 'got' us!

Jo Morgan,

Now|Comms was able to deliver exactly what we envisioned and with flexibility. Superb team of professionals who were there to guide us through each step.

Alexa Chanliau,

“These folks just always seem to communicate really complex digital ID & cyber security innovations clearly & simply.”

Andrew Leigh, Idemia