B2B Marketing Supercharger: Now Campaign Microsite Hackpack

The Campaign Microsite Hackpack

Great for: launching your latest innovation with precision and impact

Got a great new idea or service and want to test it out quickly without risking the reputation or SEO of your main website?

A microsite is a bit like a pop-up shop for your online campaign. Sited on its own web address, the microsite usually has up to 3 pages with special content. You can use it to give visitors a nudge to do something specific, like signing up for your irresistible lead magnet (where you give away something irresistible like a detailed guide, e-book, must-have tool or tantalising discount) and, in return, you snag valuable contact info from eager visitors to help grow your business

But it doesn’t stop there. You’re not just collecting emails, you’re kick-starting relationships and priming future customers. 

Your campaign microsite is not just a temporary digital asset; it’s a precision-engineered sub-site tailored to power a single, high-impact campaign. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to agile marketing with targeted content, SEO benefits, high conversions and focused analytics all on a standalone site that you can A/B test, adapt and launch in next to no time. 


What‘s included in the pack?

Scoping session – decide on the campaign and type of lead magnet that will best serve your objectives and resonate with your target audience (eBook, a whitepaper, a free trial or any other valuable resource)

Content creation – create a high-quality, compelling lead magnet with content that will attract and engage your target audience

Microsite design – implement our clean, intuitive designs and easy navigation to keep your visitors focused on the lead magnet and CTAs, within your brand guidelines

Hosting and domain – choose an appropriate domain name that aligns with your campaign and secure hosting

Tracking – set up tracking codes for analytics to measure visitor behaviour and conversions

Testing – go through our checklist to make sure it all goes seamlessly at launch – including content, layout, CTAs, user journey and forms

Launch and promotion – drive traffic to your new microsite through social media, email marketing, SEO and PPC

Monitoring and optimisation – regularly check your analytics to monitor performance and adjust to improve conversions

Lead generation nurturing – plan how to nurture your new leads through email, re-targeting or sales calls

Evaluation and iteration – assess your success against your objectives and use what you have learned to make your next microsite and lead generation even more effective


Who is The Campaign Microsite Hackpack ideal for?

B2B marketers who’ve pinpointed their target audience’s pain points and want to hit them with a campaign microsite that packs a punch of actionable solutions.


Completionwithin 30 days

Pricefrom £3,750


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If only there were 6 stars… Our #hackday was brilliant. Can't wait to do more with them. Great professionals, superb skill sets, great teamwork, loved it!

Martin Knowles,
Bally's Interactive

Highly recommended, fabulous team of professionals who couldn't do enough for us. Great personalised service - they really 'got' us!

Jo Morgan,

Now|Comms was able to deliver exactly what we envisioned and with flexibility. Superb team of professionals who were there to guide us through each step.

Alexa Chanliau,

“This is the creative team we trust to deliver the compelling content that makes us really distinctive in today’s competitive landscape.”


Estelle Milosavljevic, Crossknowledge