SEO services: Get a custom built SEO optimisation plan for your business

You’ve downloaded the SEO tools, read countless SEO tips sheets and even done the SEO training courses and online tutorials, yet still your website isn’t attracting more of the right people and delivering high quality leads.

Created for you personally by SEO experts you can talk to, our three-step web diagnostics and optimisation plan delivers the actionable insights you need to turn your website into a customer demand generator. 

  • Drive more prospects to your website

  • Improve the visitor’s experience with high definition user journeys

  • Map out customer journeys that deliver quality leads to your sales team

Here’s how we do do it

Step one: The consultation

First we have a live session with you online (using Hangouts, Skype or another conf platform if you prefer). We use this session to focus on the particular areas you’d like more insights on. These may include user journeys or sales journeys you don’t think are working particularly well, SEO activities or other optimisation areas you’re interested in.

Step two: The desk work

With your objectives clear, we’ll spend one day analysing your site. We use a number of analytics tools to help us do this including Google Analytics, lighthouse, SEMRush and SEOProfiler.

Step three: The insights report

This report flags up the main green, amber and red aspects of your site, highlighting where user / sales journeys are strongest and weakest. A booster list of recommended actions is included to address the demand generation weak spots uncovered by the diagnostic process.

Talk to us now, about the SEO diagnostics and optimisation plan that’s perfect for your business

What Our Clients Say

The Now Communications team are awesome, they have a complete knowledge of the competitive landscape, which makes them unbeatable.
— Checkware