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Inspirational content marketing workshops and exercises

Forget the pitch, ditch the PowerPoint & to hell with the hard sell. Let’s just workshop the marketing that matters most to you.

Trying to find a B2B marketing agency? Better spend some serious time perfecting the brief, pulling together your agency short-list and scheduling presentation’s for lots of B2B marketing companies who say they need an hour to pitch then take twice as long to tell you stuff you knew already. Or…

You could explore ideas with a bunch of B2B marketing experts bright enough to win you over in less than 90 minutes without the aid of a script.

Now chemistry sessions are like open mic’s for B2B marketing stand-ups. They work because they’re fast, spontaneous, risky and unpredictable. If you like the blend of agile thinking and inquisitive banter we use to tease out your B2B marketing requirements and scope out plans we reckon you’ll come back for more. If you don’t then that’s OK too: not every in-house B2B marketer wants to take risks, try new things, work different and experiment with the fresh ideas that others will be adopting tomorrow.

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