B2B marketing planning with SMART goals

Stop with all the thinking already! Creative ideas don’t add up to a hill of beans without proper planning and a tenacious tendency.

It’s fess-up time. Great B2B technology marketers are never short on ideas: It’s their inability to stay the course and see great ideas through that scuppers the best brand building.

By incorporating SMART goals into all the content marketing campaigns we undertake, we’ve created a B2B marketing agency that underpins innovative programmes that creative directors can get excited about, with tried and tested marketing planning that connects creative ideas with the big business initiatives that each marketing campaign is designed to support.

Think your business deserves a super SMART approach to marketing planning?

Talk to us now about making the most of what you’ve got today.


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What Our Clients Say

The Now Communications team are awesome, they have a complete knowledge of the competitive landscape, which makes them unbeatable.
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