Unlock B2B Success with our Social Marketing Starter Hackpack

The Social Marketing Starter Hackpack

Great for: organic social pros who are ready to level up. SMEs wanting more from social media

No time or resources to make your social media marketing count?

A strong social media presence can be a real struggle for many small businesses with limited resources. Lacking time, money, skills and specialist tools, not to mention high-quality content, SMEs can find it virtually impossible to leverage both organic and paid social channels effectively. With poor engagement and disappointing ROI, no wonder many business owners are left feeling disillusioned!

If any of this sounds familiar, our Social Marketing Starter Hackpack might just be the answer you’ve been looking for!
Want to nail your social media’s organic marketing strategy in next to no time? Want to take full advantage of the amazing targeting and visibility paid social provides?
Using our agile marketing methods, we’ll work together to create your own customised organic social media strategy designed to help you stand out from the crowd. 

Our first step is to set up your first formal organic marketing campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or X to help you build an audience of engaged and informed followers, targeted towards business goals that are aligned with your broader business objectives.

Not only that, we’ll also get you started with paid advertising by creating an ad campaign along with eye-catching graphics demonstrating what your brand is really about.

Finally, we’ll build your first social marketing audience and even launch your campaign.

And all within just one month!


What‘s included in the pack?

Organic social media marketing

  • Choosing goals aligned with your business objectives
  • Getting to know your target audience and competition
  • Optimising your social media accounts and profiles
  • Finding design inspiration
  • Curating a strategic content calendar
  • Creating compelling, quality content
  • Learning how to track, monitor, learn and adjust your campaign for continual growth

Paid social media advertising

  • Identifying the most effective social media platform(s) for your paid campaigns
  • Clarifying your objectives and desired outcomes for super-focused results
  • Finding design inspiration to create standout ads
  • Establishing a budget to give you the best bang for your buck
  • Walking you through how to hone down your target audience, marketing messaging and  ad dimensions to get the creatives spot-on
  • Tracking your paid social campaign performance with insightful analytics

Who is the Social Marketing Starter Hackpack ideal for?

Small businesses wanting more from social media. If you recognise the potential of social media for boosting your brand visibility, building strong customer relationships and expanding your customer base, but just don’t have the time or money to do anything about it, this hackpack is for you!

Social media first-timer explorers. Small business owners venturing into the world of social media for the first time will find the hackpack invaluable as a starting point for both organic and paid marketing.  

Organic social pros who are ready to level up. Are you comfortable with organic social media but not so confident when it comes to paid social advertising? Our hackpack will ease the transition and help you master both.


Completionwithin 30 days

Pricefrom £3,750


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If only there were 6 stars… Our #hackday was brilliant. Can't wait to do more with them. Great professionals, superb skill sets, great teamwork, loved it!

Martin Knowles,
Bally's Interactive

Highly recommended, fabulous team of professionals who couldn't do enough for us. Great personalised service - they really 'got' us!

Jo Morgan,

Now|Comms was able to deliver exactly what we envisioned and with flexibility. Superb team of professionals who were there to guide us through each step.

Alexa Chanliau,

“Now|Comms really understands content marketing. The uplift in our brand recognition has been impressive.”

Steve Holland, Support Robotics