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B2B Mobile App Design and Development

Mobile app marketing for you. Implement a downloadable mobile app for your core product.

When we ask B2B marketers like you about the apps they’ve developed and blended into their marketing mix, 90% of them look a bit sheepish. It’s usually something they’re either looking at, still have in development or just talk about around the water cooler.

But the 1 in 10 marketers who have incorporated mobile apps into the marketing mix aren’t looking back. They say apps are just about the most disruptive engagement tactic they can adopt today, and 78% of them report increases in their mobile app audiences over the past year.

Apps put your brand and its utility directly at your customers’ fingertips, but delivering value through apps requires more than simply scaling down a website to fit on a smaller screen.

To make the experience compelling, marketers need to design and deploy mobile apps equipped to deliver a wide range of online services, from product news to unique content, exclusive specials and even gaming.

If you don’t think your business offers the kind of services that app users will love, think again. Over the past year, we have helped mobile operators, real estate businesses, transport companies and more develop compelling app offers that get installed on customers’ phones and stay there.

Want to use Android and iOS apps that compel customers and integrate with your eCommerce platform?

We’ve partnered with Ebizmarts to provide slick Point of Sale systems that integrate with your eCommerce platform seamlessly, iZettle to make card payments easy for you and your customers, and we’ve created custom apps that clients love because they make tracking online sales growth simple.

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We’re a London-based B2B marketing agency that helps technology businesses really connect with customers and prospects.

We do this by developing sticky content marketing that works socially and through direct channels (like email newsletters) to power funnel marketing programmes that nurture leads to conversion.

B2B companies focused on education & vocational training, security & identity and sports business have trusted us to do this for over 10 years but we’re growing in other areas like health, utilities, green energy and retail too.

We’re based in West London. About 60% of the work we do is for companies focused on UK markets, the rest is pointed at Europe and the US.

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