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Client exclusives: Host your website with NowComms and provide an excellent experience for your customers.

Most B2B marketers just blame the cloud web hosting provider when campaigns suffer because web servers fail at critical times. We’d rather not do that.

You don’t need to host the agile website we design or manage for you on our enterprisescale, cloud-based hosting service. As long as you’re sure your current provider can: cope with the traffic spikes that our agile content marketing campaigns will bring to your website; load balance traffic to optimise page rendering; intelligently switch to back-up with no downtime if one server fails; and automatically up-scale to accommodate the increased numbers that our agile marketing soliutions bring to your site, it’s not something you’ll need.

Borrowing from the techniques of the multi-nationals such as Adobe, Nokia, LinkedIn and SAP, we offer cloud-hosted enterprise services that deliver blazingly fast web experiences over a super secure and reliable hosting solution. We use dedicated cloud server hosting and if it fails it is automatically replaced by another. Security patches and database backups are carried out automatically daily.

Standard Hosting

Enterprise Hosting

Server OS patches & updates 5 days24 hours
Database patches & updates24 hours24 hours
WordPress Core patches & updates24 hours24 hours
WordPress plugin patches & updates5 days24 hours
Data Protection Agreement availableX
Penetration testing supportX
BackupsDaily offsite (both standard & Enterprise)
StandbyWarm standbyLoad balanced server pool
Technical SupportInformal3 hours per month
Security OptimisationInformalReviewed every quarter
Performance OptimisationInformalReviewed every quarter
MonitoringXUptime monitoring and SLA reporting
Content Distribution Network (CDN)1X
SSL CertificateX
Service Level Agreement (SLA)99.9%99.95%



per calendar month


per calendar month

*Now hosting packages are available exclusively to Now|Comms marketing clients.

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We’re a London-based B2B marketing agency that helps technology businesses really connect with customers and prospects.

We do this by developing sticky content marketing that works socially and through direct channels (like email newsletters) to power funnel marketing programmes that nurture leads to conversion.

B2B companies focused on education & vocational training, security & identity and sports business have trusted us to do this for over 10 years but we’re growing in other areas like health, utilities, green energy and retail too.

We’re based in West London. About 60% of the work we do is for companies focused on UK markets, the rest is pointed at Europe and the US.

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