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Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Questionnaires

Create robust surveys and questionnaires that work for you and your customers.

Turn detractors into promoters and create marketing you can measure with our 5 step customer satisfaction survey.

In B2B marketing, customer satisfaction surveys can be used to support message development and help define measurable communications strategies that turn detractors into promoters and encourage promoters to like and share your content. Across the wider business, sales people use satisfaction surveys to support customer contact strategies and senior managers use them to inform decision making.

Here’s how we help you get started.

Our 5 step customer satisfaction survey

Leveraging tried, tested and proven measurement models like the American Customer Satisfaction Index or the Net Promoter System, our 5 step process makes introducing customer satisfaction insights into your business simple. The process usually takes four to six weeks to complete. The report we deliver back to you has everything your sales people need to support positive engagement strategies with happy (and less happy) customers and helps inform senior level decision making.

1. Survey hack session: Scoring customer satisfaction without exploring why a score is offered is meaningless. That’s why phase one of every customer satisfaction survey we create produces a unique set of “root cause” questions that pinpoint the reasons behind a customer’s allocated score.

2. Online development: Once we’ve finalised your “root cause” questions, we’ll make your customers’ experience seamless by creating an online interface for your survey that looks and feels like the rest of your site.

3. Distribution: Next, we’ll take the customer contact data you provide and mail out invites to your survey. Invites are personalised and include tokens to ensure that the customer you mailed is the customer who answers.

4. Follow-up: We’ll create drip campaigns that boost participation without pestering customers who have already feedback.

5. Your Customer Satisfaction Survey report: Finally, when your survey period is complete, we’ll present all the data back to you in one easy to read document crammed with facts, figures and striking infographics you can use to communicate findings to stakeholders and staff and even to power new marketing campaigns.

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