Agile Team

Co-work with our agile marketing experts to get the ongoing support, data and insights you need to deliver results-based agile marketing programmes.


About this solution

Agile Team is the engine room that powers your own business’ transition to agile marketing principles. Working over time, together as one team, your marketing experts work together with ours to create:


What to expect with Agile Team

  • Agile roadmaps: for the marketing year ahead
  • Agile epics: to scope out the big things you want to achieve each quarter
  • Customer stories: to determine the marketing outputs you need to deliver each quarter, who these outputs are for, and why they are a priority
  • Analytics: to ensure every planning decision you make is evidence-based
  • Sprint plans: 2x monthly agile planning sessions to keep everything on track
  • On demand flash meetings:  speak to us whenever you need to as things develop and priorities change
  • Quarterly marketing growth hacks – to review an epic as it ends and agree priorities for the next epic


Agile Team is perfect for

SMEs or start-ups with big marketing ambitions but limited internal marketing resources. Big companies or small companies keen to develop a more agile approach to their marketing practices.


How long it will take?

Agile Team delivers ongoing consultancy and support for your business monthly. Expect your year-long agile roadmap and quarterly epics to take no more than two weeks to create. Sprint planning takes place each fortnight and flash meetings mean help, support and advice are always just a zoom call away.

Stack includes

Always-on analytics

Website user impact analysis

Competitor analysis

Customer acquisition

Optimisation strategy

Google console



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