Agile Campaigns

Social and search marketing campaigns driven by data, managed by experts.


About this solution

We think most creative ideas stay locked behind closed doors for too long. They’re “perfected” by internal stakeholders rather than tested and validated by the customers they’re supposed to attract. Eventually, when they, at last, see the light of day, the audiences they’re built for just don’t love them the way you do.


What to expect with Agile Campaigns

Get the best creative ideas from the boardroom to the customer faster. Once out in the wild, real customer engagement data spotlights what works. Data-driven enhancements mean each new message iteration delivers more impact and more leads.


Agile Campaigns is perfect for

Big companies that are keen to scale up social marketing or social selling approaches. Smaller companies or start-ups who want to get new offers to the market, learn fast and generate demand.


How long it will take?

Your first iteration ad campaign can be live within two to four weeks. Data and analytics power reiterations of the ad portfolio as you progress.

Stack includes


Graphic design

Audience building

Sponsored content management


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“These guys really moved the dial on marketing for us”


Catherine Stenson, VP of Marketing, D4T4 Solutions

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