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Agile Branding

Brand identity design is more than just choosing a logo and a catchy strapline.

You need to stand out from the crowd with a distinct, recognisable identity while providing great UX for your audience.

Our designers create a unified, compelling, consistent, user-tested voice for your business, products or services in weeks, not months.

Every brand is sparked by a brilliant idea. But as companies, products and services grow and mature, the brilliant idea that got everything started can be buried as the daily grind of business building takes over.

Our agile approach to branding and messaging is inspiring. Our first collaborative hack session inspires stakeholders to bring out the brilliance that sparked them into action on day one of business. We then devise a brand strategy that delivers more brand than bland.

Once we’ve captured the brilliance, everything with our branding services becomes simple 😉


About this solution

We are the B2B branding and design agency that can bring your brand to life. It all starts with the “Bring out the brilliance” hack session. The hack assembles your stakeholders and our branding and design experts together for one half-day workshop. 

At the end of this session, we’ll have enough content to work up iteration one of your agile branding and messaging guide. It’ll take about 10 days.

Hack two is the presentation. You’ll see the brilliant ideas we all hatched in session one come to life in words, graphics, logos and pictures. We’ll ask for feedback and fine-tune to produce iteration two of your guide.

On presenting iteration two, we’ll offer two options: You can opt to test the new branding and messaging with real sample audiences or, stay behind closed doors to reiterate a third version. 

On iteration three, we’ll start testing in the wild. A new series of graphics will be produced based on the new brand guidelines and these graphics will be presented to small samples of your target markets using social and digital display advertising platforms.

Once we’ve analysed engagement with each message tested, we’ll use the data to present your new, market-tested branding and messaging guide.


What to expect with Agile Branding

Like everything in our agile marketing stack, your brand guide is a living resource that adapts and grows as your business, products or services mature. This branding solution can be delivered in one doc, or as a microsite so you can incorporate the guide into your existing internal networks or intranet. The approach makes brand guardianship across the enterprise easy.


Agile Branding is perfect for

Small businesses or SMEs who want to launch fast. Larger businesses that are keen to develop a more agile branding and messaging approach, add more righteous customer testing processes into their brand development or support stakeholders globally with the most up to date branding resources.


How long it will take?

Iteration one is delivered within about 10 days. The entire branding development programme, including customer testing and validation, is typically completed within three months.

Stack includes



Brand guidebook


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If only there were 6 stars… Our #hackday was brilliant. Can't wait to do more with them. Great professionals, superb skill sets, great teamwork, loved it!

Martin Knowles,
Bally's Interactive

Highly recommended, fabulous team of professionals who couldn't do enough for us. Great personalised service - they really 'got' us!

Jo Morgan,

Now|comms, was able to deliver exactly what we envisioned and with flexibility. Superb team of professionals who were there to guide us through each step.

Alexa Chanliau,

“I think these guys do a great job and so does my wife.”

Richard Fox, Toucan