What your campaign is doing, or rather isn't...

Assuming your social marketing is set up to target the typical persona's like "sector", "job title", "location" you are going to delivering adverts to hundreds of different people at all levels of your funnel. Most will not even be aware you exist. Blindly advertising a landing page with some type of conversion or goal in mind will have an incredibly small chance of connecting what your audience and peaking their engagement interest.

So no matter how lovely the page looks or how clickable you make that cta. You're essentially playing Rock Paper Scissors. As demonstrated by this overly simplified interactive example. Even with a 33% chance of getting it right, you will lose more than you will win. So how do we convert when the odds are reduced to something like 2.35%?

Even this basic illustration doesn't take into account all the additional factors that impact decision making. It is why acceptable conversion rate for anything on the interent is so low and why we as marketers have to claim a campaign is successful when it returns a seemingly low conversion rate.

"Well let's just make more landing pages and adverts with different messages and personas!" I hear you say. Great! More money I can charge you for my time, But that still doesn't solve the problem of randomly sending one person to one landing page.

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