Website bounce rate and how to reduce it with better UX


Most websites are all hat and no cattle

This server aint big enough for the both of us

Understanding your website

We think that most websites are all hat and no cattle. On the saloon front porch, it’s all hoot, holler and wolf-whistles to get your attention. Then you mosey on down through the door and suddenly you’re in a garage sale. You know that thing you’re hunting down’s gotta be someplace there but you’ll be damned if you can find it.

Don't squat with your spurs on

Why does this happen?

This happens for all kinda reasons but in B2B, it usually happens because sitemaps and web architectures are built around the business, not the customer. The highest-paid person (HIPPO) at the web-planning meeting has the big say, and what the HIPPO says is important takes centre stage.

Your customers don’t care so much about what the HIPPO thinks. When they’re online, the next business isn’t a wagon ride across town, it’s just a click away, so if they don’t find what they want fast it’s “adios amigos”.

When in doubt, let your horse do the thinkin'

So how do you make sure every visitor that comes to your website finds what they want faster?

Ask most B2B marketing agencies that question and they’ll tell you it’s about analysing the data and mapping out the customer journey. But in the wild WWW, where fast-growing startups and SMEs innovate from daybreak to sundown, data trails carved out by early-adopting pioneers can be mighty sketchy.

Making plans for when the wagon trail comes by requires agile UX. Whether they’re prospective customers, potential investors, partners or employees, every web visitor wants to see things set out on your website just the way they like them.

We think agile UX should be the backbone of every great web experience, but in innovative tech markets we know it’s critical. New companies that create new products for new markets just don’t know what’s really going to gel with the customer (HIPPO’s will tell you otherwise, and they’re often right, but they don’t actually know).

Agile UX helps customers charter their own journey. It gives them the freedom to decide what’s important to them fast and find it quickly. And guess what? Every once in a while, when we run the analytics over the engaging self-drive customer journeys our web architecture enables, we find the HIPPO in the room was right all along  😉

Always drink upstream from the herd

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