Marketing department in a box

Marketing department in a box

Marketing department in a box

A lot of our clients come to us because they recognise the need to improve their marketing but don’t have the resources internally to manage it.  We work with their sales and commercial teams or their senior management team to fulfil that marketing role in a more cost-effective, more accountable way.

Sounds good in practice,  but how does it work in the real world?

Every client and project is unique, so exactly how we’d work with you to decide what’s best for your business and the stage of growth you’re in. We might work with you on small, one-off campaign, or ongoing support throughout the year.   Typically, we’d agree this in a “hackday” before  any project got underway.

The kind of projects we work on vary tremendously, but often they’ll include a mix of the following:

  • Strategic planning – to ensure that all marketing is geared towards a specific, measurable objective.
  • Content Marketing – leveraging your own internal knowledge or other content we help you create to develop your brand and position your company in key target markets through blog posts, social media, infographics etc that “speak” to the audience you want to reach.(We call this service “Awesome Sticky Content”).
  • Website design and build – We breathe new life into your online presence, reviewing your existing site and, where necessary make the necessary improvements (or 
  • Website management and SEO –  whether you have an existing site, or we build you one, ensuring visitors can find you online and – just as importantly – we turn those visitors into customers (we call this service “Really Intelligent Web”).
  • Sales support materials – we distil all the great features of your products & services to create compelling sales sheets, presentations and case studies that support your sales teams out in the field.
  • Market Research –  Need to know what your potential clients are thinking about any given subject? We’ll help you gather that knowledge and make sense of it.

But we don’t stop at delivery:  we want to ensure that whatever we do for you, it leads to the results you need. We’ll analyse the results of campaigns, and look for opportunities for continued improvement at every step, giving you the responsive, accountable marketing department you’ve always wanted!

If the thought of a “marketing department” you can call on whenever you need them (and can put back in the box when you don’t) feels like something your business needs, please get in touch

“The Now|Comms team are awesome, they have a complete knowledge of the competitive landscape, which makes them unbeatable.”