The Now Fast50

About the fast50


“Fast50 is the simple, effective social media tactic that helps us engage with new prospects on the stand and gets the big issues we want to talk about trending throughout the show”

Vicky Jones, Managing Director, Commelius


We came up with the idea for fast50 three years ago. Exhibitors at shows like ICE, Cartes, GSM World Congress or the Learning Technologies show use it to improve engagement with prospects visiting their stand and to promote the big issues they want to see trending on the industry’s social channels.

How does it work?

Now’s industry experts work with you before the show to create the perfect debating question (or questions) for your business at the event.



Our pollsters get to work on the day, asking your questions to professionals entering and exiting the show (All questions are loaded onto our research platform and pollsters carry iPads and tablets around the shows entry points asking the questions).


and then

As soon as at least 50 visitors have responded, Now’s news team turns the fresh data into breaking news, tags it for social, optimises it for search, then publishes it on the Fast50 website (and to your site too if you want). Once 50 people have answered a question the question changes and the polling continues. Fresh news is generated approximately every 50 minutes to produce the most insightful real-time news stream at the show.

What’s the effect?


  • Really relevant real-time news generated throughout the day powers the industry’s social channels, gets your issues shaping the debate and embeds your brand in the social activity that visitors engage with whilst at the exhibition.
  • Sales people on your stand have an easy way to interface with passing visitors (Saying hello and quickly engaging with prospects can be difficult at trade shows.  In previous years we’ve found that some exhibitors like to have their own iPads or tablets at the ready and use the L&DFast50 as a simple ice breaker).
  • Additional visitors are attracted to your stand because your brand and the issues you care about are promoted socially across the show.


“These guys really moved the dial on marketing for us.”


Catherine Stenson, VP of Marketing, D4T4 Solutions