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Learning Technologies 2024: BiteSize learning for LTUK exhibitors

Episode one: How to become a “must see” company for #LTUK24 visitors

Hey there LTUK exhibitors! With the big show just on the horizon, we got to thinking: What #honestlyhelpful stuff could we do for exhibitors getting ready for Learning Technologies at ExCeL this April?

If you know us at all, it’s probably because you’ve seen one of our LT Exit Polls. We’ve been polling LTUK’s visitors for over 10 years, collating data from thousands of attendees. So we thought: “Wouldn’t it be good to drill down on our findings from the past three LTUK shows and use the insights to power some super helpful marketing tips for this year’s exhibitors?”

We’ll be publishing more BiteSize tips like this in the coming weeks. Just become a Now|insider to make sure you get them. In this episode, we’re focused on how to become a “must-see” company for L&D professionals planning out their show visit.

Becoming a top 5 “must-see” company at LTUK this year

Each year our LT Exit Poll asks: “When you planned your LTUK visit, which “must see” companies did you have on your hot list?

Here are the top 5 answers based on LT Exit Poll results from the last three shows:







LinkedIn has won the “must-see” category twice over the past three LTUK events. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand why the sub (learning) brand to the world’s most famous business-based social network can simply rock in, pitch up and rule the roost (since re-branding Lynda.com to Linkedin Learning). The more interesting insights come when you look at the other companies on the hot list.

SAP is a big brand heavyweight that you might expect to be scoring higher in this list, yet SAP Litmos barely makes our top 5 of the 2020s. Why? Familiarity may be a factor: LTUK visitors are familiar with this brand and what it does, so why make a point of visiting their stand at LTUK if there’s nothing new to learn? Especially if other brands like Growth Engineering and Docebo are hell-bent on communicating good reasons to visit them at the show and learn more about what they do.


Contender brands beat the biggest brands when they:

1. Understand the LTUK audience: Understanding the customer sounds like a no brainer, but it turns out that lots of companies make assumptions here. The big assumption most exhibitors make is that trade show visitors are in buying mode. 10 years of exit polling tells us this simply isn’t true. Most are at early explore stage or consideration mode in the sales journey. On average, it’s going to take 6-12 months to convert these people into actual customers. This nurture time is getting longer too. In 2019, the average sales journey from end to end was circa 6 months. In 2023 it was 8.5 months.

2. Build dedicated campaigns for LTUK audiences (look out for our “What LTUK audiences want” graphic coming in episode two). Pre-show campaigning is the number one way to get on the visitors’ “must see” list. Usually these campaigns go live 3-4 weeks before the show starts. They’ll comprise a landing page, offer, social marketing and direct email marketing.

3. Create good reasons to visit their stand (the offer). This might be talks/seminars, special show offers or highlighting company values like sustainability – for example, during recent shows, Growth Engineering has promised to plant a tree for every new lead LTUK generates…. and from what we can see in our research, this tactic generates circa 300% more leads.

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