Introducing the great new companies launching at #LT19UK

This year, we’re pleased & proud to be supporting Learning Tech’s brightest & best newcomers via LT LaunchPad.

Check out all the great new companies you can discover on LaunchPad below, then come visit us at stands A10 and A11.

What is the Launchpad?

On the hunt for something new at Learning Technologies this year? Why not take a stroll over to LT LaunchPad (stands A10 and 11). It’s the only zone at the show where you’re guaranteed to find something you’ve never seen at Learning Technologies before.

How does the leader board work?

Every time someone clicks on one of the participating LaunchPad companies above, we record the action.

The top three companies trending highest on the leader board are the companies with the most clicks.

Who are Now|Comms

We’re pleased & proud to be supporting Learning Tech’s brightest & best

Over 15 years in the B2B marketing business, and so far, we’ve managed to avoid using marketing cliches like this, but today these words really mean something. We are pleased and we are proud!

Supporting the brightest and best newcomers to Learning Technologies on LT LaunchPad this year is a real privilege - so before we say anything, we’d like to say thanks to the show’s organisers for making it happen. Over the years Now|Comms has helped established learning companies communicate fresh ideas to new audiences internationally. We’ve worked with big overseas players to help make them industry names in Europe and the UK, and we’ve supported start-ups with no-nonsense marketing initiatives that turned “new companies to watch” into trusted businesses L&D’s big decision makers wanted to procure from. Supporting LT LaunchPad allows us to put all of that experience to the best possible use.

If you’re the kind of learning expert that’s always looking forward, never back, and if discovering the freshest, new elearning initiatives first is always more exciting than exploring the “tried and tested”, LT LaunchPad has something for you. Come see us at Stands A10 to A11.

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What Our Clients Say

With Now|Comms, we get the entire team face-to-face: web builders, designers, copywriters...everyone. It keeps things simple.
— Orla Harty, Cantillon