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KickStart is a custom-built communications roadmap designed exclusively for small or medium sized businesses keen to take their first big steps into marketing communications.

KickStart projects take about four weeks to complete. They deliver high-definition step-by-step marketing plans designed to boost your brand presence in the key markets you care about most.

Clearly costed and timetabled over periods of either six or 12 months, KickStart marcomms plans may be actioned in-house by you, or serve as the template for successful programme roll-out if you choose to outsource your marketing to the Now team.

How do we do it?

Over the course of the project we’ll interview your marketing people (if you have them), your sales people and, if you want us to, your top directors and even your customers and prospects. We’ll analyse your competitors to provide you with a full SWOT analysis that puts your marcomms components head-to-head with theirs, telling you where you’re winning and where you need to focus if you want to stay ahead.

Three things to make your marketing fly!

1. Market analysis:

Snapshot research of the key communities you need to influence most.

We’ll speak to your potential customers to identify expectations and spot the market gaps that represent your best opportunities. Depending on your existing sales and customer information, our research sample will be sourced from within your business or via fresh research.

2. Competitor landscaping:

Designed to find out what it is that makes you distinct in your marketplace and the key differentiators that your marcomms plans should focus on.

3. KickStart marcomms plan:

Once we’ve ascertained the communications opportunities that exist between you and the key communities you want to talk to, we’ll present you with the three to six month roadmap you need for effective and measurable marketing communications.

What Our Clients Say

Now|Comms really understand content marketing. The uplift in our brand recognition has been impressive
— Steve Holland, Support Robotics