Ditch the New Year’s Resolution in 2020 - #keepitreal with NowComms

We make sure to #keepitreal when it comes to B2B marketing

We’ve always thought that marketing can’t be treated like some quick-fix New Year’s resolution. That’s why we #keepitreal when it comes to the New Year: you should create New Year’s systems instead.

As you’ve probably experienced before, the gimmicky ‘shortcuts’, ‘growth-hacks’ & ‘silver-bullets’ just don’t work: when you employ these short-sighted quick-win goals, all too often you end up demoralised and unhappy. In the UK alone, one in four people made a New Year’s resolution, and only one in four of that group actually stuck to them throughout 2019.

Do away with New Year’s resolutions: start New Year’s system

Put simply: our processes at NowComms are more like New Year’s systems, rather than resolutions. For example, resolutions are goals you set yourself: ‘I will run a marathon this year’, or ‘I will finally renovate my house’. 

Systems, on the other hand, are things you focus on doing regularly until the actions become habitual: ‘I’ll keep track of my runs, and gradually increase the distance I run for,’ ‘Every Sunday I’ll dedicate 3 hours to renovating’.

That’s what we create for your marketing needs

As a marketing agency; systems are what we create. We won’t promise that we’ll produce and deliver a perfect marketing campaign in just two weeks (because no one can). What we can do, however, is apply a number of our tested and thought-out practices that are designed to deliver consistent results over a long period of time. 

Sure, we’re a creative bunch, well equipped to deliver engaging & unique B2B marketing campaigns, but what really sets us apart from the rest is our consultative and hyper-analytical approach. Every action we take is discussed with stakeholders, driven by data, and then tested. We’re always keen to consult with our clients to ensure we’re constantly moving in the right direction. 

So for 2020 we suggest that you #keepitreal by not banking on New Years’ gimmicks to spice up your marketing mix, but rather take the time to create collaborative systems that can be built upon year-round.

Interested in innovating your marketing mix in 2020? Get in touch with us now and find out how we can help your business #keepitreal.

What Our Clients Say

The Now Communications team are awesome, they have a complete knowledge of the competitive landscape, which makes them unbeatable.
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