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You’re agile curious, so you’ve worked out that the best content is never actually finished right? We hatch new ideas daily and we reiterate existing ideas all the time. All of this usually happens under the hood.

Not anymore.

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What's the real problem we're trying to solve with Now|insider?

It seems to us that most marketing¬† journeys are geared up to introduce new prospects into the pipeline, educate then, ultimately, nurture prospects to consideration stage in the marketing funnel. That’s when sales gets interested. It’s when sales can call with confidence, have a sensible conversation and scope out their best next move. Trouble is that B2B sales usually take a long time. The time between the initial explore call and closing a sale can be six to nine months, or more. But marketing often falls short here. Now|insider is our prototype marketing plan for prospects positioned firmly in the consideration stage of the customer journey.¬† These people have already educated themselves about a business’ products and services. They’ve already indicated intent and they’ve almost certainly spoken, or at least chatted online, with a sales rep.¬† Put simply, they are the people most likely to buy within the next six to twelve months, and we think marketing should support them better.

So how do we do that? Well Now|insider is idea #1: Open up the hood. Be honestly helpful and show folks what’s really going on behind the scenes. Let the agile curious watch as we test out new ideas. Some ideas will flourish, some will fail fast. The outcome isn’t what matters. What matters, is that we all learn something valuable together.

We’re testing this idea with a small community of about 40 people right now. Use your Linkedin login to open up exploratory content across our site as we try to nail it quick and scale it fast.

“Now|Comms really understands content marketing. The uplift in our brand recognition has been impressive.”

Steve Holland, Support Robotics