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How we do B2B marketing #hackdays

Our B2B marketing #hackday starts with a chemistry session

It’s an initial one hour round table that brings our best people together with yours: can we work together and do we speak the same language?  Are common objectives agreed quickly and efficiently, and does the skill-set we bring to the client/agency relationship spark trust and enthusiasm?

Hatched during our initial chemistry session, the hackday declaration is a mutually agreed statement that pinpoints the one big marketing challenge your hackday will address and commits you and us to solving it within the course of one working day.

The hackday output

Hackday outputs are relevant and unique to your business; no two are ever the same.

You may want your hackday to roadmap your funnel marketing approach and pinpoint the critical steps required to turn a lacklustre website into a marketing asset that nurtures leads and converts prospects into customers.

It may be that long established gaps in the content marketing portfolio need to be scoped out and resolved. New marketing assets like apps or responsive web design may be your hackday priority or uncovering the unique mix of content, web architecture, keywords and SEO that delivers the right prospects to your site and holds their interest longer may be priority one right now.

Whenever marketing challenges are challenging you too long, Now #hackdays cut through the complexity and deliver change fast.

Want to talk about the marketing challenges you’d like to address in your hackday?  Start #Hacking with us online now.

“I think these guys do a great job and so does my wife.”

Richard Fox, Toucan