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The “Getting found in the top 100 rankers chart” marketing #Hack

Thanks for clicking through. Here’s the cool marketing hack we mentioned.

What’s the #Hack? 

It’s as simple SEO task you can do to get found in the top 100 companies chart much easier. It will take your webmaster about 2 hours to compete (if that).

Why bother?

The top 100 rankers chart has been optimised to attract your target customers. About 1500 of these prospects visit the page every month. Twenty percent of them click through to one or more of the company sites listed in the chart. If you do this #Hack, your company is much more likely to be found by the 20% who click.

How to?

1. Study the meta description paragraph on your site.

The meta description is the text that Google renders on your site when people search for you.  Like this:

2. Read your meta description data and ask yourself the question:

“Is what I sell mentioned in this meta data?” For instance, if you sell LMS does your meta data include the term “LMS”? If you specialise in “personal development”, “bespoke eLearning”, authoring tools”, etc, are these terms included? If they are then your site is much more likely to appear in the hot 100 L&D rankers chart, especially when people search for the things you sell in the search box.

How does this #Hack work?

Relax. It’s not a trick and it’s all legit. Optimising a site’s meta descriptions is an SEO basic – it’s not rocket science. But we’ve noticed a lot of people don’t bother to do this. The top 100 rankers in L&D chart simply pulls in meta data from a number of analytics tools so taking this small step to improve the organic search health of your site is a big step towards improved exposure on our chart.

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