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Environmental Statement

Now Communications (UK) Ltd accepts responsibility for the impact its operations might have on both the local and global environment and is committed to reducing them.


We are constantly striving to:

  • Minimise waste by evaluating operations to ensure they are as environmentally sensitive as possible
  • Dispose of waste safely and responsibly
  • Minimise toxic emissions through actively promoting cycling to work, while discouraging the use of private vehicles
  • Reduce the impact of business travel by using low carbon transport for meetings both locally, nationally and internationally¬†
  • Actively promote reuse and recycling within the workplace, and encourage the adoption of similar principles by our clients and suppliers
  • Raise staff awareness of environmental issues and enlist their support in achieving our aims
  • Reduce resource consumption with our paperless office
  • Adopt the practice of purchasing and reworking used equipment rather than new where possible
  • Encourage sustainable commuting transport choices for employees
  • Create efficient code-bases to reduce cpu load of web-servers and keep energy-consumption down¬†
  • Reach our target of being Carbon Zero by 2030

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Orla Harty, Cantillon