Thinking Focus


Thinking Focus is an award-winning, behavioral-change consultancy business.


Full-service outsourced marketing department, web design, copywriting, lead nurturing & funnel marketing, marketing automation, SEO, social marketing, digital advertising, analytics


Help us leverage our thought leadership credentials as behavioural change experts, build strong social communities and engage new followers online.

Thinking Focus is a behavioural change consultancy that understands the value of product. 

With a busy roster of clients to keep the firm’s leading consultants busy, the businesses wanted to find new ways to scale-up and grow. The answer was to create “What Would You Do?”, the behavioural change board game for business. That’s where we stepped in.

Challenge one was to develop an MVP microsite we could use to promote  the game, capture interest and generate leads. We did this by sticking religiously to our agile marketing principles, delivering a fit for purpose website within days (sure we needed to fine tune and perfect things later, but perfecting things is pretty easy when your using real customer data to decide your next move 😉

Next up, agile campaigns: the fun bit where we hatch a gazillion promotions ideas and test all of them out on social, sponsored or search platforms to pinpoint what works quickly. 

Fast forward three month and Thinking Focus’ new “What Would You Do?” game has an optimised website supported by the tried, tested and proven social promotions the business needs to deliver on year one sales goals.

“These guys really moved the dial on marketing for us”


Catherine Stenson, VP of Marketing, D4T4 Solutions