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Sunamp invented the Phase Change Material heat battery. In the renewable energy businesses, it’s a game changer.


Branding and positioning, web design, web management, campaign management, marketing automation


Clarify and communicate the benefits of groundbreaking new green technology to a wide range of stakeholders in the renewable energy sector.

In the fast-developing renewables energy market, Sunamp‘s marketing programme works towards two central goals: communicating the pragmatic cost and efficiency benefits that the business brings to energy production today, and ensuring Sunamp’s vision for the future is clear and concise for emerging markets like the transport and automotive industries, who will be incorporating these new technologies next. In this environment, being able to adapt and thrive means everything, which is why Sunamp, perhaps more than any other business we work with, benefits from the agile marketing approach that underpins everything we do.

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“These folks just always seem to communicate really complex digital ID & cyber security innovations clearly & simply.”

Andrew Leigh, Idemia