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Fast growing green tech start-up


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Like so many green tech start-ups, EcoEnergy Environment needs a web marketing strategy that moves as fast as the business

From green tech start-up to one of the UK’s most respected sustainable businesses, we’ve been lucky enough to be EcoEnergy Environment’s go-to digital marketing partner throughout the journey. 


Like most start-ups in the green tech sector, things move fast at  EcoEnergy and, while the business understands the critical role marketing plays in company growth, building up internal marketing resources has never been the top priority.  That’s why our agile approach is so important.  

We think of ourselves as the outsourced marketing department that allows EcoEnergy’s senior team to focus on business growth while we’re trusted to manage and amplify the message. 

Using analytics, optimisation, persona-driven content and agile web design, we’re able to ensure that EcoEnergy’s online presence is always in step with this fast-moving business. 

Our full agile marketing stack is at EcoEnergy’s disposal on demand. Regular agile team sessions ensure marketing goals adapt and change as the business grows. Agile sprint planning means the outsourced marketing department we supply for EcoEnergy is always calibrated to meet the business’ most pressing communications need right now. Today, for instance, our agile team is configured to provide project management, web design and content as we work to deliver the next iteration of the company website. Later, as needs change, campaign management and lead generation experts may well lead the team.

“Now|Comms really understands content marketing. The uplift in our brand recognition has been impressive.”

Steve Holland, Support Robotics