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Charity Learning Consortium


eLearning provider dedicated to the charity sector


Web support, lead nurturing & funnel marketing, SEO, digital advertising and analytics


Use analytics and social targeting to find the hard to reach customer community we know responds best to our unique proposition.

If you’re a training provider in the third sector, knowing something about the Charity Learning Consortium’s offer is a no brainer, but these people are harder to reach than most: their personas are often different to what’s typical for learning managers in the private sector, they respond to a different set of pain points, and their social networking habits are unique. 

CLC wanted to complement the events and email-based marketing programmes already in place with new digital demand generators that leveraged social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. To do this, we analysed existing prospect data held on the business’ marketing database, then created lookalike audiences for new social campaigns. New messaging was established, new landing pages were built and fresh graphics were used to support digital campaigns on (so far) Linkedin.  The matured funnel marketing programme is now attracting interest from CLC’s loyal, but hard to reach, audience and continues at pace.

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“These folks just always seem to communicate really complex digital ID & cyber security innovations clearly & simply.”

Andrew Leigh, Idemia