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How to re-energize your jetlagged workforce

We‘ve all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend and the heatwave passing through the UK, but now how do you get your workforce back into work mode? After the alarm clock has been switched off for a few days it can be hard to get back in the zone. Get your workforce thinking it’s business as usual, using our handy tips. 

4-day week, YAY or NAY?

This doesn’t mean you lose one day of work but you increase productivity in the days your employees DO work. A study showed an increase of productivity of 20%, lowered stress levels from 45% to 38% and increased work-life balance score from 54% to 78%.

Why not try this approach out in your organisation and see what results you get.

Wellbeing retreats 

A good way to get everyone excited to collaborate is to take them on a wellbeing retreat. Companies such as WeWent and FreshAirFridays offer unique solutions to workforce engagement. From artistic activities such as arts and crafts sessions to physical explorations such as camping. 

If you’re looking for an onsite activity to get your workforce engaged you can try the What Would You Do? scenario-based board game, which allows your workforce to tackle hot topics and share their thoughts and opinions with other co-workers. 

Whatever way you decide to engage your workforce, an important mantra to follow is to treat your employees like you would your customers. This is arguably the best performance strategy your organisation can adopt. 

We don’t just give great HR advice. We help eLearning companies market themselves to HR professionals because we know employees aren’t always the problem. They might just need to explore unique learning methods customised to their needs. Companies such as skilla and niikiis offer engaging and interactive eLearning courses, which in turn improve engagement and retention rates as well as lower absenteeism. 

Give us a day with you and your team and we’ll find the brilliance in your company using our famous #HackDay.

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