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3 things you have to learn after a week on work experience at NowComms.

After a week on work experience with NowComms I have learned 3 things which everyone should know if they want to pursue a career in B2B marketing.

Firstly I have learned lots about Bootstrap, which is a sleek and powerful front end framework for faster and easier web development. It enhances what you are able to do with HTML meaning you can create an amazing website quite easily and quickly compared to what you are usually able to do. With standard HTML it is very difficult to create a decent website easily so it is important that you should know how to use Bootstrap if you want to be a web developer.

Secondly, I started using Photoshop to design a web page. This is also extremely important because it means you will be able to get a good layout of the website you want to develop. Using Photoshop is crucial if you want a brilliant looking web page because there is so much you are able to do with it, you are not limited. You need to be able to design your website before you start building one, so it is important that if you love coding you are able to use photoshop.

Finally, I discovered WordPress. WordPress is a website builder that powers over 26% of the websites on the internet. This makes website building extremely simple for people who know nothing about building websites but it also is very popular with very experienced website builders. This is because they are able to make extremely detailed websites with lots of different added effects to make it seem even more professional.

So here is my list of 3 things you have to know after a week on work experience here at NowComms, so if you are interested in going into a career path in a B2B marketing company like this one, start learning now!

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