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What can marketers do to support social selling?

What can marketers do to support social selling?

Back in the Spring, at the start of lockdown, we rethought almost every marketing service we provide at Now|Comms. We’re an agile B2B marketing business so change is in our DNA. But when circumstances are as volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous as they are now, being agile is probably the thing that’s going to save all of us.

With the help of our friends and customers, we’ve been able to adapt our existing services quickly and introduce new ones with confidence. Every change we’ve introduced over the past four months has been sparked by their ideas and needs.

What are the B2B marketing services SMEs and start-ups need most right now?

For more than six months now, we’ve been following our agile principles. We’ve been building new services weekly, often daily, to meet the fast-changing needs of our client base. When these services are popular, we fine-tune them and develop them more. If they fail, we’re happy that they failed fast so we can move on to do something better. When you take this agile approach to marketing, you start to see trends forming pretty fast. Here’s what we’re noticing.

There’s a basic pattern emerging, especially with the SME, and start-up customers we serve. Whatever folks in these businesses ask for, it always boils down to one thing: they want marketing to help support sales in a world where social selling is likely to be the only way B2B deals are done for some time to come.

If you’d like to see where we are with all of that, watch this “unplugged” video.

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Watch the following “unplugged” videos to discover how our top three services deliver a fully automated marketing ecosystem for great salespeople who want to become great social sellers.

Step 1 – the social marketing starter

Step 2 – the social selling accelerator

Step 3 – marketing automation set-up

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