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Agile marketing for B2B start-ups & SMEs

The B2B start-ups and SMEs we work with almost always have agile in their DNA, so our agile approach is something they love.

Why? Well we reckon it’s because of agile marketing:

Delivers fast: Most start-ups and SMEs are eager to get their great new ideas out to potential customers. They want websites, campaigns, content and social marketing to take days or weeks rather than the months usually associated with classic waterfall-style project management.

Learns quickly: Data and analytics underpin our agile marketing process (and we’re obsessed with the data ;). We’re usually able to make evidence-based decisions and do more of what’s working well (or pivot ideas and approaches if they aren’t working) within about 14 days of a new website, social marketing programme or digital advertising campaign going live.

Is economical: Agile marketing’s “minimal viable promotions” principle means new ideas become marketing outputs at less cost.

Is scalable: When a new “minimal viable promotion” is released out to customers and prospects, it’s the analytics that determine the next agile marketing move. When something is demonstrably working well, scaling up becomes a no-brainer.

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