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Outbound marketing & database management

“Prospect database? We’ve got one! Regular newsletter? We send one out very month like clockwork! Does all this effort generate leads?…ermmm?”

How much email have you received so far today? More importantly, how much of it did you read and why?

Permission based marketing isn’t rocket science. It’s just a little scary! After all, who knows what might happen if you start asking customers and prospects if they like what you’re telling them?

Now Consent is a change management programme that safely transforms old style database driven interruption tactics like direct mail or e-newsletters, into high-definition permissive marketing campaigns that boost relevance, encourage interaction, improve customer understanding and help generate leads.

We do this successfully by carefully seeding permission based marketing tactics, like personalised subscriber opt-ins, RSS feeds, social media or blogs, into the direct marketing tools already established in your communications mix.

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