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Building brand fans

Trust us when we tell you tell you this: If your media programmes are already generating great reviews in your industry’s prime titles, you couldn’t be doing anything more…Oh, actually, there is one thing…

When people like Forrester research ask people like “your customers” just what it is that triggers a purchasing decision, three out of four of them say they trust the good judgement of the journalists and editors that produce the industry titles they read. With these odds, we’d fancy a bet ourselves…so long as your prospect doesn’t meet a trusted friend or acquaintance before signing the deal.

A personal friend or acquaintance is the only thing your customers value more than the expert advice they get from the media they read, so when it comes to doing good business, it helps a lot if their friend is your friend too.

Now Communications takes inspiration from the outbound marketing tactics you use already to develop powerful permission based content marketing campaigns that fuel blogs, SEO and social media platforms like like twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Facebook.

With the right blend of permission marketing tactics in play, you’ll be making new friends fast. Listen hard to what they tell you, and you may even win their trust.

Think your business should be getting more social? Talk to us now about making the most of what you’ve got today.

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