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In today’s multimedia environment, it takes more than the classic communications tools like news releases, case studies or press alerts to drive messages into print, online and rolling news channels effectively.

Now NewsMaker is a thematic approach to media campaigning that fuses the key messages your business needs to communicate with the topical news triggers that journalists want to focus on.

Working directly with the media targets you need to influence most, NewsMaker campaigns develop compelling written and visual content that anchor your business comment into comprehensive news & feature packages that inspire journalists and win coverage.

If your agency blames you for not producing enough news then it’s time to rethink. Only a lazy agency will put the onus on you to produce ongoing campaign tools month after month.

We take the opposite approach. Working around breaking news and hot topics, we create campaigns that give journalists fully rounded ideas to help them create, analyse and illustrate topical stories on a daily basis.

A NewsMaker campaign is designed from a journalist’s eye view and focuses squarely on the big issues. We integrate our clients’ views with complementary sources to provide journalists with the range of opinions and viewpoints worth publishing. And it works.

Why not go the extra mile that a NewsMaker campaign offers your business. We can assure you, it’s not too crowded there.

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