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Here’s the marketing tosh we’re rescuing this week

Mind blowing marketing ideas never start with a lame plan to stick a logo on an oversized coffee cup, but somehow, a whole lotta marketing tosh gets produced right? 

Let's try not to do that so much this time around ;)

It’s OK, we get it. You were busy hatching an award winning marketing plan when some pushy guy in sales says the annual customer get together is coming up so we urgently need some branded tosh to giveaway. Or the CEO’s livid because the competition’s giving away these smart pens that write upside down, so you need to get your logo on smarter pens that write back to front and sideways. 

For whatever reason, almost every marketing department seems to be hiding an embarrassing stash of unwanted promotional freebies in a filing cabinet somewhere, so we’ve come up with the Now|Oddbox. It’s our new side hustle for marketing managers who what to fire up their brands without burning up the planet.

Here’s some tosh we’re saving this week 😉

Seriously folks: Let’s just do stuff that’s #honestyhelpful

We’re on the crest of a wave here. The past couple of years have been about doing all we can to survive but now it’s time to thrive. We won’t do that if we do what we did before.

Fire up your brand without burning up the planet ;)

Here’s what we know

If you’ve seen the surveys and  polls we do you’ll know that the most marketing freebies just don’t seem to matter much.  After ten years of polling we can tell you with certainty that the most memorable freebies are never offered out by the most memorable companies. That’s pretty weird if you think that creating an engaging experience is an essential element of a successful customer journey.

So if free pens, phone chargers and stress balls don’t work, what will?

Our surveys uncover a sweet spot, and it occurs whenever a giveaway is #honestlyhelpful.

#Honestlyhelpful resources are things that help your customers do their job better. On the face of it, they’re not usually the most dazzling gifts (they may be how-to’s, guides or trials), but their indisputable “usefulness” makes them keepers.  Customers take note and keep these things safe because they believe they’ll come in handy soon.

That sounds pretty simple right? Your business sells a bunch of #honestlyhelpful stuff already so packaging a really useful free version of some of that shouldn’t be too difficult. So why don’t you?

Next: Creating #honestlyhelpful free or freemium marketing products customers want

You’re not going to give away the crown jewels, but your customers won’t be hoodwinked with offers that talk a great game then deliver next to nothing. So how do you hit  the Goldilocks zone and get everything just right? Our next blog focuses on Tripwire products, how to make them and how use them to deliver the #Honestly Helpful stuff customers remember.

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