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The 3 easy steps

To getting started on LinkedIn Campaign Manager

The 3 easy steps to getting started on LinkedIn Campaign Manager

Paid advertising on LinkedIn should be in every B2B business’ marketing arsenal because of the flexible audience builder that allows businesses to target very specific audiences that would otherwise be out of reach. Here’s how to get started on Campaign Manager.

In LinkedIn Campaign Manager, you will find nifty audience hacks that will help transfer your ideal customer persona from concept to reality and unlock a world of new opportunity-rich prospects. And remember that it’s crucial to boost your organic reach on LinkedIn as well.

1) Opening Campaign Manager

On LinkedIn, open the ‘Work’ tab and click on ‘Advertise’ to get to the LinkedIn Campaign Manager and set up an account. Once you’re all set, create a new campaign. Here: think carefully about what you want to achieve with your social campaign: are you looking to generate new leads, track website visits, or increase brand awareness? 

Before plunging into any social campaign, you should map out your objectives and what you hope to gain. 

These are the objectives you can choose on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn campaign manager

Which objective is right for my business?

That all depends on what you want to achieve, so consult your team and plan ahead while bearing in mind the importance of each objective. All these objectives can be equally useful, provided you’re choosing the right one. These are our go-to ones:

Brand awareness

The first step in the marketing process that helps familiarise audiences with your business and lay a crucial foundation for nurturing customers. Building and increasing brand awareness is key because it helps people remember who you are and what you do so that the next time they’re in need of a specific service, you’ll be their first point of contact, not your competitor. 

Website visits

Every visit to your site has potential to start and build a relationship. Every visitor to your site is an opportunity to add a new customer, bag an interested lead, or for you to share your brand and make an impression. The more people come to your website, the more chances you have to generate qualified leads, help solve their problems, and ultimately make a sale! 

Lead generation

Without leads, businesses will never make sales and expand. Think about it, when you’ve harnessed the vision and made it a reality, you’ve hired the right talent, and have got a stellar website up and running, but who cares? Without getting word out there: no one. Lead gen strategies help businesses generate traffic to their websites where leads can be converted into paying customers. 


These are desired actions that bring your business closer to making a sale. Marketers are keeping a constant eye on click-through rates and cost-per-click stats while considering return-on-investment because the whole point is to maximise conversions for the lowest possible cost. Conversion rates are the key to assessing how your business is performing; with the help of analytics reports, you can see which parts of the business and which campaigns are performing the best, and what may need optimising. 

These are our essentials of digital marketing, but that’s not to say that boosting engagement, getting more eyes on your video content, or searching for new talent are not just as important. If your business is producing valuable content but struggling to find the right audience to share it with, then a boost from paid advertising may be just what you need to shine. 

Finally, recruitment can be painstaking and expensive, especially when your team needs a new addition, so investing a little to pave the way for the future of your business will definitely be worth it!

2) LinkedIn’s audience builder is where the magic happens!

The audience builder in Linkedin Campaign Manager allows you to use specific criteria like filtering leads by job title, selecting leads according to their levels of work or education experience, their interests, company size, or other demographic factors to build your ideal audience. 

who is your target audience

Take us, for example: when we run our social media campaigns, we want to reach potential customers in the B2B space in need of marketing services like SEO or help with Google Ads. So, how do we tap into this treasure trove of potential customers? 

Here at NowComms, our main customer base is concentrated in three big sectors: eLearning, environmental and green technology, and cyber security. Developing our presence in niche markets is the ideal way to gain authority and potentially become the go-to marketing agency in that niche.

In each of these sectors, we work with challenger brands who often have killer content, but—in a sea of competitors—can struggle to be heard. That’s where LinkedIn saves the day!

We can easily find decision-makers in our industry and spark potential interest that leads to closing the deal. By simply searching by job title e.g. marketing-related jobs, we can find anyone from Marketing Director to Adviser, and can target them in our next campaign! You can even choose to exclude certain characteristics to perfect your target audience.

3) Wrapping up

Next, simply choose your prefered ad format (image, video, etc.), placement, budget and schedule, and conversion tracking (only if your campaign objective requires it). 

Considering ad copy and layout is key here, so before jumping in, make sure you know what you think will grab your audience best. 

Ad format

ad format

Ad placement

ad placement

Budget & Schedule

busget and schedule

Conversion Tracking

And voila! Now that you know how to make the most of your organic presence on LinkedIn and the basics of Campaign Manager, it’s time to leverage other social media platforms. 

Next time, we dive into how B2B businesses can leverage Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote their business and what value each one brings.

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