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Top 20 most influential tweeters in learning technology

The all-new, updated and revised edition of our most influential tweeters in learning technology chart is out now.

It’s the only chart in the business that actually asks real marketing people in learning technology to vote for the tweeters they really like to follow, so we don’t think we’re exaggerating too much when we say it’s pretty unique.

How to read the chart

Overall Ranking by votes: Over 700 marketing people working in learning technology, HR or the L&D industry were asked to vote for the tweeters they think influence them most. The resulting list below is the 20 most influential tweeters as chosen by the marketing community we invited to take part.

Just for fun, we’ve also detailed average Klout and PeerIndex scores for the top 20: there are lots of really popular online tools out there which claim to measure social influence but Klout are PeerIndex are often regarded as two of the best.  Also, we’ve included the number of followers (1k =1000 followers) that each influential tweeter has.

By default, the chart lists the Top 20 most influential tweeters in order of votes received from the 700+ learning technology marketers we asked to take part.  You can re-order the chart to see how this top 20 ranks in terms of Klout score or PeerIndex by clicking the arrows next to the icons.

Klout and PeerIndex scores were checked three times over the course of March 2012 and have been averaged out.  All data was compiled using data generated in March 2012.

 = Klout score      = PeerIndex score   = tweeter’s location   = Number of followers

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