Top 100 best websites in L&D (#LT17UK special edition)
100 best websites in L&D

Top 100 best websites in L&D (#LT17UK special edition)

Are the most visible exhibitors at next week’s Learning Technologies exhibition also the most visible companies on the the internet? Our special edition top 100 best websites in L&D chart serves up the answer.

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How’s it done?

We’ve been using our analytical know-how to run the top 100 best websites in L&D for years, but this January we’ve gone all big data.

The all new 100 best websites in L&D formula analyses the key metrics from the internet’s most reliable source (like SEMRush, Moz and Google…naturally). It scores a company’s website performance against the website performance of all the competitor businesses operating in the same sector. The result is a unique hot list of the most popular websites focused on the L&D industry. Other website comparison tools can only rate the performance of one website against all others, regardless of business sector, what they do or sell.

This week we’re launching the Top 100 websites in L&D chart with a Learning Technologies show special edition. The chart analyses the website of every single company exhibiting at this year’s show. We’ve used our portfolio of analytics tools to score each site not only by popularity but also by relevance and authority. When a business is targeting a specific market sector (like the L&D community), we think relevance and authority are two primary indicators that a really meaningful chart must consider.

This is why the Top 100 best websites in L&D chart does not just rank sites by monitoring the density of industry specific keywords alone. It also tracks traffic volumes generated by the long tail key phrases that executive decision makers tend to use in order to make more informed purchasing decisions.

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Not exhibiting at Learning Technologies this Feb?

The all new top 100 best websites in L&D chart is on its way. Come back later in the month to see the full roster of high rankers in the L&D industry.

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