Say hello to #NoFluff marketing
No fluff marketing

Say hello to #NoFluff marketing

It’s time for a good cause – the fast and free way

Change has taken the world by storm and shaken the business world to the core. Now is the time for altruism to take centre stage and for profit to be put on the back burner. There’s no more time for contingency plans; it’s time for businesses to come up with innovative ideas powered by the greater good.

We think we can help your generosity to hit the ground running. So we have decided to launch our free #NoFluff marketing offer to help any London-based business get a really valuable initiative off the ground and give back to the world’s bravest generation yet – everyone battling COVID-19. 

A special and accessible way to make a difference

Construction companies Cantillon and De Group have already donated invaluable PPE to NHS staff that need it most. Think your business can help the world in these unique times? Get in touch and we’ll help design a special #NoFluff message to spread the good-cause vibes.

How to get one

Click here to fill in the contact us page. Answer a few questions detailing how you think your business can help and next thing you know, your ad will storm the social-sphere at the speed of change.

Here’s some we made for Learning Technologies 2020

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