Why we mothballed the Learning Technologies exit poll for #ltuk23
Learning tech exit poll

Why we mothballed the Learning Technologies exit poll

The Learning Technologies exit poll quickly became one of our most popular campaigns, so why did we can it?

We’ve had lots of people asking where the Learning Technologies Exit Poll is again this year.  For twelve years (until the 2022 show), we questioned LT’s visitors as they left the building, crunched all the numbers and then published our poll’s findings within 24 hours.

When you stop learning new things it’s time to do something else

We’ve asked literally thousands of show visitors hundreds of questions over the years and we think we’ve learned everything we can.  

To the casual reader, this poll was just a bit of fun. Year after year we published hot lists of ‘New exhibitors to watch’ or ‘Most creative freebies given away at the stand’.  But for us, the results we published were just the tip of the iceberg. Under the hood we were exploring deeper questions:

  • Are visitors browsing or in buying mode?
  • Do they have authority or budget to buy?
  • Do they usually find what they are looking for?
  • When visitors pre-plan their visit, what gets an exhibitor on their must-see shortlist?

These are the deeper analytical questions our exit polling has helped us answer over the past twelve years, and the persona studies we’ve developed have become invaluable assets.  

When you know what motivates L&D professionals to get out and visit, what they want to find inside, and what they remember when they leave, you just come up with better ideas for more effective marketing support.

We might be wrong, but it just feels like we’ve learned all we can from the exit poll, so we’re moving on.

If you think 12 years of deep dive learning might help you make the most is the new prospects and leads you’ve generated this week get in touch. We’d love to help 🙂.

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