Learning Technologies marketing support pack
Learning tech markting support pack

Out-now: The Learning Technologies marketing support pack

From the B2B marketing agency that brings you the Learning Tech show exit poll; say hello to our new learning technologies marketing support pack for trade show exhibitors.

Why we did it

If you’re the business that’s been questioning hundreds of trade show visitors as they exit the L&D industry’s landmark event for the past five years, you start to notice a few things. You see that the companies with the biggest stories can easily achieve more mindshare than the companies with the biggest stands; that the best face-to-face conversations are always influenced by the social buzz that builds throughout the show; and that the most welcome giveaways are not USB sticks with pitifully low storage capacity, but cheap practical resources that L&D professionals can actually take away and use in the workplace later.

None of this is rocket science: everyone who has ever exhibited at any major trade show knows that thinking different pays dividends, it’s just that thinking different becomes harder when everyone is working towards the same deadline.

That’s why this year we’ve come up with a snappy pick ‘n’ mix marketing pack. It’s stuffed with the simple but effective B2B marketing services you need to leverage the mainstream media and social marketing channels visitors depend on before, during and after the show.

What’s in the pack?

Check out the full pack here: it’s stiff with stuff we know works ‘cos we’ve tried and tested it all before.

New for 2015: Special edition exit poll personalised for your company

Want to really learn something from your experience at Learning Technologies this year? Our retrospective LT show #hackday delivers all the no nonsense know-how how you need.

Every time we publish the LT show exit poll, things go just a little bit crazy.  Companies that didn’t get a mention call us up to work out why. Companies that did get in touch to ask what else they might do to achieve even better impact at the next big industry show they go to.

Truth is, unless we know up front, the deep insights revealed by the personalised (and private) exit poll report we can create for individual companies, just get lost in all the hubbub as we race to publish the big picture results.

Want a special edition exit poll report personalised for your company? Jump to the pick ‘n’mix marketing pack and order your LT retrospective #hackday before the show begins and we’ll do the hard bit.

The big show news story

contentmarketinghackdayDon’t tell us – you’ve got your big story buttoned down already right? There’s this nippy new LMS/learning  portal/mobile app/authoring tool/resource bank or whatever that’s so hot your big news story is just going to write itself come January. Sounds fantastic.

On the other hand, if you do ever need a team of award winning writers who know more about creating cool content for companies selling into the L&D space than anyone else in the B2B marketing business, we’re at your service.

Use the pick ‘n’ mix marketing pack to develop one big news story that rises above the competition, or use our content marketing #hackbundle to create three awesome news hooks for products or services you want to promote.

The pre and post show microsite?

micrositeWe built this one for exhibitors who understand that winning at Learning Technologies isn’t just about getting ready for the big day; it’s about good preparation and really convincing follow-up.

Located at someplace like yourcompany.com/lt and made fully responsive so you don’t disappoint visitors on mobile during the show, these custom microsites act as tailored teasers. Use them to engage and connect with prospects before the show and keep your brand, products and services top of mind later on when the serious job of review gets underway back at the office.

The LTfast50

ltfast50The real time news engine that powers debate across the L&D industry’s most popular social platforms during the exhibition. The LTfast50 gets the big questions you want to debate on the social agenda by turning views into news in less that 50 minutes.

How do you get it?

All that sexy stuff plus a bunch of basics like news amplification, html design, eShot emails and yada yada, yada. It’s here now, but it’s going fast.

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