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How to become a confident B2B marketer in five days or less: Day 1

Day 1: trending and amending

Marketing internships are more searched in the UK than media, journalism and BBC internships according to Google trends. Therefore I realise I’m lucky in starting my first of a five-day placement – a marketing internship – with B2B marketing company, Now Communications.

This is the first piece of work I’ve been tasked with; attempting to compose, tweak and publish a blog post before I go home tonight, charting the first day of my journey from clueless to competent as a B2B marketer. This begins with the attempt to write a successful blog post, including relevant and highly searched words for SEO, as part of their marketing campaign.

After searching how long a good blog should be – and dismissing the results; those over 2,000 words are supposedly the most successful and I only have an hour – I turn to looking at the language to use to make this blog an internet sensation. This means including words that are relevant to the content and also popular search terms. Previously, I’ve been referring to this opportunity as ‘work experience’; however a search on Google translate meant I swiftly corrected myself, to completing an ‘internship’. While ‘work experience’ was searched the same amount as ‘internship’ until 2007, since then ‘internship’ has steadily overtaken, and so using this as a keyword in a blog on the subject should, hopefully, increase the chance of it being spotted. To put the finishing touches to my to-be talked about blog, the focus keyword, title and description all included the term ‘marketing internship’ to increase the SEO. Now if this doesn’t get me thousands of views I don’t know what will.

What I’ve learned:

  • It’s important that a post is high in a search engine’s results – otherwise what’s the point.
  • Carefully selecting the words used based on popular searches will optimise your chance of being seen.
  • Marketing campaigns are conducted in many ways, and a blog by a nonplussed intern is one.

View the next instalment here: https://www.nowcomms.com/how-to-become-a-confident-b2b-marketer-in-five-days-or-less-day-2/

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